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Players Online: 0
Version: 83
Experience Rate: 500
Meso Rate: 250
Drop Rate: 2

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Engaging, respectful, kind community. Join us!

KyaStory has a diverse and dynamic community. We take pride in our community and look forward to seeing you grow with us.

Have more fun training than ever before

Our interesting and rewarding rebirth system will keep you glued to your screen grinding.

Data integrity

KyaStory puts a strong emphasis on our users data. Your data is secure with us.

Daily Login Rewards

Make sure you log-in every day to utilize our Daily Login Reward system.

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A powerful, engageful, customized server built for perfection.

KyaStory is a private server that is consistently being optimized for impeccable performance. Our developers work endlessly to provide the community with a stable/customized environment. If you have any suggestions please post on our forums

Your opinion matters to us

We are always looking to enhance our services to provide the best gameplay for our users.

Send us suggestions

Our team is consistently looking for ways to make the server/community better. There's no better judgement than from the players themselves. If you have a suggestion that you would like to be considered, feel free to post it on our forums or on our discord

Don't hesitate to voice your opinion. We gladly accept constructive criticism.

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